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All About Rugs

Love how you Live and refresh your style, update and add cozy comfortable living spaces with area rugs.

With the refresh that comes with each new year, we’ve been featuring more rugs on our feed and getting a lot of questions about how to select a rug style, how to know what size, and how to manage challenging areas like entry, bathrooms and kitchens. We joined Good Things Utah this morning to answer your questions and share some tips when it comes to finding the perfect rug for your space/lifestyle.

A Rugs Purpose

Before we dive in, let’s clarify what purposes rugs fill:

  • Defines spaces, especially in large rooms such as great rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.
  • Adds warmth and texture particularly to rooms with hard surface floors.
  • Creates visual interest with pattern, texture, color etc. “Art for your floor!”

The best case scenario is to find a rug that fulfills all 3 purposes by choosing a piece that suits your space and lifestyle while also bringing in beauty. But each room and space will present different challenges. See our tips below for finding the perfect for each room in your home!

Great Room

  1. For sizing, choose a rug that is as large as the space can handle. 
  2. Invest in quality rugs for higher trafficked areas.
  3. Tie in visual interest with colors, patterns, and textures that both unite and flow within your space.

PRO TIP: When arranging furniture on the rug, ensure that all front legs of furniture sit atop the rug to anchor the space.

Music Room/Office

  1. Highlight the focal point of the room (desk, pair of chairs, sofa etc) and place your rug underneath.
  2. Consider layering smaller rugs atop larger rugs for a curated feel.
  3. Choose unique and artistic pieces that will act as art for your floor.


  1. Place the rug underneath the bed and allow for 2-3 feet of rug showing on each side of the bed (general rule: if you get out of the bed on any side, your feet should touch rug).
  2. Don’t worry about placing the rug underneath the nightstands as it can cause them to be unstable and you’ll also want extra rug to…
  3. Create at least 4 feet past the foot of the bed to allow for a bench or ottomans.

Dining Room

  1. Have rug extend 2 feet behind each chair so that as you pull the chair out to sit, the back legs do not hang off the rug and feel unbalanced.
  2. Rugs in dining areas protect flooring, so don’t be afraid to utilize them in larger scale.
  3. Choose a rug that is low profile and has a tight weave/lays stiff and heavy so it will not wrinkle with chairs moving in and out.

PRO TIP: Check out our selection of indoor/outdoor rugs for dining areas!


  1. Long runners in kitchens are trending!
  2. Add a smaller rug under a range or in a pantry to save the floor 
  3. Add warmth under your feet in a hard surface space

Small but Mighty

Don’t forget the small but highly trafficked areas that can benefit from rugs:

  1. Entryways are your homes first impression! Choose a rug that is durable and beautiful to welcome your guests.
  2. Bathrooms can benefit from a beautiful rug placed at the base of a vanity or tub.
  3. Playful prints in Kids spaces define “play areas” and give an extra layer of cushion for growing babes.

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